Danz – "Birthday" Katy Perry /Bangtv

No dejen de revisar Danz, junto a Simoney Romero y la coreografía del tema “Birthday” de Katy Perry. Sólo por Bangtv.

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5 Respuestas para “Danz – "Birthday" Katy Perry /Bangtv”

  1. chano
    dijo el noviembre 16th, 2014 a las 15:03

    poner la coreografia de la cancion L.A love (fergie)

  2. Johnie
    dijo el junio 7th, 2016 a las 18:16

    Now I’m like, well duh! Truly thunkfal for your help.

  3. http://www./
    dijo el octubre 23rd, 2016 a las 6:12

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  4. kfz haftpflicht rechner wüstenrot
    dijo el noviembre 5th, 2016 a las 3:24

    I think the point, both of this specific review and of this blog in general, is that dance music *can be more* than just “fun tracks that people enjoy dancing to.” Sure, there’s music that’s lots of fun to hear out, and these tunes certainly qualify. But there are artists who are doing more than just sufficing, who are making music that’s worthy of having a conversation about. If having an opinion that’s more than just “oh man, my feet are moving, five stars” makes me a “silly silly little techno snob,” then I’m proud to be one.

  5. http://www./
    dijo el noviembre 24th, 2016 a las 10:59

    C’est justement ça qui m’a plu! Çà n’a rien d’un grand film mais c’est suffisamment décérébré pour me plaire ^^

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